Sunday, 16 August 2015

Put a Ring On It

On a recent room clear out, I discovered a whole stash of rings that I'd pretty much forgotten about. So I did what any blogger worth their salt would do and decided to write about a few of them, maybe even start a new series! So here are three pretty little rings from my collection.

This ring was from Colette on sale for about $1. I love that it's just a very simple ring and silver is my thang so it was a no brainer really. The little crystal in the "i" is also a nice touch and adds a little something to an otherwise super simple ring.

Molten Metal

This one was from an online store called Peeptoe that I think has since closed down. They used to do a really awesome range of bags, shoes and jewellery. I haven't ever seen anything like this ring, it's quite unusual and I like the gunmetal grey colour too. It's quite a heavy ring and I tend to wear it alone because I feel like it's a bit of a statement piece. It's also adjustable which is great for skinny fingered people like me.

Blue Diamond

This was a Her Fashion Box special from quite a while ago but I always liked it. I love the pairing of the blue jewel with the silver ring and the unusual shape of the jewel too. Again, another adjustable ring that can jazz up an otherwise simple look.
What are you favourite rings?

Dani xo

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