Saturday, 21 May 2016


5 Favourites to Follow

Over the last week, my work has been promoting health and happiness, with a lot of emphasis put on doing something nice for others. In that spirit, I thought I would share the love by naming some of my favourite YouTubers, Instagram accounts and beauty bloggers. 

1. The Beauty Fixation

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Nicole is a straight talking, sharp shooting lady with makeup that's always gorgeous. She films the most amazing, informative videos and her Snapchats on everything from queuing for Starbucks to bad drivers to her two little doggies always make laugh.  

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A Pair of Ones is run by twin sisters, Michelle and Katherine from Melbourne. They are absolutely gorgeous girls with a flair for cute fashion and knack for taking the best Instagram photos. Seeing their pics pop up on my feed always makes me smile. 

3. Mandine

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Mandine is the most gorgeous French gal with a passion for makeup and fashion. She lives in Paris, takes the most gorgeous photos and puts together amazing outfits that don't break the bank. I predict big things for this little cutie!

4. Hey There Jacquelyn

I was lucky enough to meet Jacquelyn through blogging and we're now amazing friends! She's the flaylay queen and her Instagram gives me serious envy. Jacquelyn is a whizz with a camera and her YouTube tutorials are always amazing. 

5. The Minted Blog

A photo posted by Kate Flint (@themintedblog) on

Like Jacquelyn, Kate is one of my closest friends and we never would have met if we weren't both bloggers. She loves all things pastel, gives you a straight up, honest opinion on everything, can pull off the craziest hair colours like it's nothing AND takes a mean Instagram pic.

Go and follow these gorgeous girls and leave me a comment telling me who you love right now!

Dani XO

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