Sunday, 23 August 2015

Fitbit Fun

Confession: I am lazy....super lazy! Combined with a love of all things chocolately, it generally means that my fitness levels leave a lot to be desired. I need something that's going to fit in with the type of exercise I usually do (walking) and present a little bit of a challenge too. Enter, the Fitbit!
The Product - Fitbit Charge HR ($199.95)

I was lucky enough to get a snazzy new Fitbit for my birthday this year and it's been a pretty fun journey since then. It's just like wearing watch and comes in a rainbow of colours. The Charge HR tracks sleep, heart rate, kilometres walked, steps, stair climbed and a whole range of other things. It also tells time. You can also sync it with the app to see all your stats at the click of a button. My three favourite features would have to be the sleep tracking (great to see how much sleep you're actually getting), the step counter (you even get a little celebration once you reach your daily goals) and the badges (you can earn badges for things like walking a certain number of kilometres in a week).

I find it quite motivating to be able to see in a second how far I've walked, how many steps I've done and how many flights of stairs I've climbed. You can set step goals, compete with friends and you can even track your calories using the app. I think it's a really fun way to stay motivated to much just a little bit further. Having your goals at the tips of your fingers make it so easy to reach them. For someone like me, who isn't particularly interested in going to the gym but still wants to stay fit and healthy, it's perfect!

Are you on the Fitbit bandwagon yet?

Dani xo

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