Sunday, 8 May 2016


The Green Edge - Vegan Cafe

I've been a "vegetarian" for over a year now and I'm always on the hunt for new vegan/vegetarian cafes in Brisbane. The reason I say "vegetarian" is that I occasionally eat seafood but am currently off eggs and dairy. It all gets a bit confusing but it's much easier to just say vegetarian.

Anyway, my most recent find with Kate from The Minted Blog is The Green Edge in Windsor. The Green Edge is not only an amazing vegan cafe, but also a little vegan grocery store. I say little but it's actually Brisbane's largest. 

The cafe serves breakfast, lunch and a selection of amazing takeaway sandwiches and vegan treats, including milkshakes and raw cheesecakes. Kate and I stopped by for lunch and although the wait was a little long, the staff were amazingly friendly and the food was delicious. We both had the Jackfruit Burger which takes exactly like pulled pork, yum! Absolutely everything at The Green Edge is vegan but I would challenge even the most staunch carnivore not to enjoy themselves.
The fabled Jackfruit Burger.
Even if you aren't vegan, The Green Edge is worth a visit if you like to give your tastebuds a treat and  try new things.

Would you be interested in more posts about being a vegetarian?

Dani XO

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