Saturday, 3 October 2015

Spring Scents with AHAVA

Cue the advent of spring and prepare yourself for 502,301,232 posts on new spring fragrances. Guilty as charged! Except that this fragrance is very different, it definitely doesn't fall into the usual basket of "celebrities releasing new scents in slightly different packaging just because it's spring". Technically, it's kind of not even a "fragrance" in the tradtional scent but that what I use it as and it makes me feel fresh and happy so we're all going to pretend it is.

I was lucky enough to receive a GORGEOUS Summer Essential package in the mail (you can check out my pic on Instagram @danithegirl_xo) and this was included. I was initially a little confused as to what it was but as soon as I opened it up and spritzed some on, I was in heaven. Technically, it's a body oil aka a moisturiser but I apply it (liberally) to my pulse points. The scent is just so fresh and yummy, I could literally bathe in this stuff.

AHAVA products are made with Dead Sea plants and minerals. This particular body oil is free from parabens, petrochemicals and all the other assorted nasties. There is a whole range of the Cactus & Pink Pepper scent too so if body oil isn't your thing, you coudl go for the hand cream or body wash instead. I definitely encourage you to try out this heavenly scent. It's the perfect spring companion!

Tell me what your favourite spring scent is in the comments.

Dani XO

Products in this post were provided as PR samples. 

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