Monday, 5 October 2015

Real Techiques Bold Metals

I don't think there has been such a highly anticipated range launched in Australia for a very, very long time! Aussie beauty fans were drooling over these gorgeous metallic brushes for several months because, like pretty much other beauty launch, Australia is the last country to get anything. The drooling briefly stopped when we found out how much these beautiful babies were going to set us back (the soul of your firstborn child, the tail hair of a unicorn, moss gathered from the high reaches of an Albanian monastery by blind monks, etc etc) but when they arrived, they were so stunning that we simply forgot about the price...almost.

Real Techniques launched the Bold Metals collection in Melbourne (I live in Brisbane so I spent the night crying and stalking people at the launch on Instagram). I was lucky enough to get my hands on a couple of the brushes though and after playing around with them for a while, here's what I think.

I didn't have high hopes for this brush as it's generally not the type I like to use. I prefer the RT Buffing Brush or a beauty blender to apply my liquid foundation. After a few weeks of using this brush, I've decided that it works really well for thinner, lighter coverage foundation. They apply like a dream and the finish is beautiful. However, for creamier or heavier coverage foundations, these tend to leave streak marks, which was my initial worry. Given that I don't usually go for heavier foundations, this brush was an unexpected surprise and is a firm favourite.

I was also a little worried about this brush, it's pretty big for an eyeshadow brush. But again, I was very pleasantly surprised. It's size makes it quite versatile, meaning you can use it to pack shadow onto the lids or turn it to its side and use it as a crease or blending brush. Another winner to add to my collection.
Both brushes are super soft and the metal handles feel really weighty. They're also tapered with flat sides to stop them rolling off tables. The face brushes, the 100 series, are all gold, the sculpting brushes, the 300 series, are rose gold (and stunning) and the eye brushes, the 200 series, are silver. They are very expensive but if you're after a little bit of luxury and some great quality brushes, these are a great buy.

Dani the Girl give the Real Techniques Bold Metals Brushes:
Have you splurged on  any of these yet?

Dani XO

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