Sunday, 18 October 2015

3 Manicure Secrets

I love doing my nails, I'll paint my nails once or twice a week and I can't stand the sight of a chipped nail. Over the years, I've been through shellac, acrylics, regular nail polish, nail wraps and everything in between. I've managed to get doing my nails down to a fine art and I've picked up some pretty handy tips along the way. Here are 3 of my secret manicure products to make doing your nails just that little bit easier:

The first step to any manicure is getting rid of the old stuff and this is a magical invention that takes literally seconds. All you do is insert your finger, twist it a few times, pull it out and BOOM! No more nail polish! I also find that this lasts a lot longer than conventional nail polish remover, I guess cos you don't waste any pouring it out. It also works a treat at dissolving the glue in press-on or glue-on nails.

My friend and fellow blogger Cassie from Makeup Maniaah put me onto this stuff and it's life-changing when it comes to manicures. Technically, it's a nail hardener but I use it as a top coat. Because it's so strong and hard, my nail polish lasts for at least a week with only very minor wear. For someone who has to remove all their polish when they see the first chip appear, this is amazing!

For me, this is a Holy Grail product, it cuts drying time down to minutes. It comes with both a dropper and a little brush, I personally find the brush easier to use. One bottle of this lasted me about a year, a little goes a very long way. You just apply a coat or drop to your wet nails and they're touch dry in 20-30 seconds. They can still smudge though, but it means that if you need to be out the door in a hurry, you don't have to wait around.
What are your manicure secrets?

Dani XO

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