Thursday, 10 September 2015

Rimmel + Kate Moss Nudes

If you're a frequent reader here, you'll know how much I love Rimmel. They've been killing it with new releases lately and the latest batch of newbies are spot on. I actually picked up one of these new releases in England and when I arrived back in Aus, there they were! So pleased that these are now avaialble here, they are so pretty that everyone deserves to own them.
Rimmel + Kate Moss Nudes in 42, 45, 48 ($12.95 each)

These come in the same packaging as the original Rimmel + Kate Moss lippies but with a nude instead of a red or black container. There are 5 shades in the range and I picked up 3 (hey, there was a 3 for 2 sale, what else could I have done?). 42 is a soft pink/brown nude, 45 is a nude pink and 48 (my favourite) is a really unique brown/plum nude. Every single time I've worn 48, I've been asked what I'm wearing, it's a really gorgeous colour.
In terms of wear time, these are part of the Lasting Finish range so they do wear pretty well. They have a semi-matte kind of finish and while you really don't need a lip liner with them, I would suggest pairing them with the Rimmel Lip liners in Natural, Cappuccino or Coffee Bean.

Swatches (top to bottom): 42, 45, 48
Dani the Girl gives the Rimmel + Kate Moss Nudes:
Have you tried the latest offering from Rimmel yet?

Dani XO

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