Sunday, 6 September 2015

JORD Wood Watches

I have an obsession with watches that started many years ago with my very first watch, a Mickey Mouse number. I was so proud of it because it was my reward for learning how to tell the time. It had a bright red strap and Mickey's hands moved to tell the time. The watch has long-since been lost (RIP Mickey), but my love for watches lives on. My latest love is this pretty unique wooden watch from JORD.
This baby is the JORD Fieldcrest Watch in Maple, a beautiful maple wood and silver number. I love the chunky face, the raw wood links and the way it goes with pretty much every outfit. I've had non-stop compliments on this watch, which makes me love wearing it even more! Even the packaging was gorgeous, I'll definitely be finding a use for the little wooden treasure box that my watch came in. It's too pretty not to use.

I was a little hesitant about getting a wooden watch because I'm fairly clumsy and I was worried I might accidentally spill something on the raw wood and ruin it. Thankfully, this watch is splash-proof and can be treated with lemon or orange oil extracts to prolong the life. All JORD watches come with a 1 year warranty so if you're as accident-prone as I am, you don't need to worry.
You can check out the whole JORD range here or via the link below. They have a huge range of watches for both men and women and I can't recommend them enough.
What do you think of wooden watches?

Dani XO

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