Sunday, 9 August 2015

The Perfect Boyfriend Jeans

The quest for the perfect pair of boyfriend jeans can be just as tough as the quest for the perfect boyfriend! They need to be comfy enough to lounge around in on lazy Sundays but also chic enough to jazz up for a mid-week dinner date. They need to be be stretchy, soft and just a little bit ripped. Where is a girl to look? The answer is.... Topshop!

Brisbane babes were lucky enough to have Topshop open here last year and it's been a frequent stop for me ever since. One of those stops yielded my perfect pair of boyfriend jeans, the Hayden Ripped Jeans which were a steal at $80. 
Images from Topshop
I love everything about them from the bleached colour to the ripped knees to the high waisted fit. They are super comfy, they feel almost as comfortable as my lazy tracksuit pants! But thanks to the slightly fitted waist, I feel like they can also be dressed up a bit and still look good. 

What's your favourite pair of jeans?

Dani xo

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