Sunday, 11 May 2014

Mother's Day

In honour of today, I would like to dedicate this post to my mum. Warning: this post is going to be full of cheesy (but true) clichés and will probably leave you with a warm fuzzy feeling.

My mum is one of the strongest, funniest and most beautiful people I know and without her, I would not the person I am today. People say I am more like my mum, we are quick to anger (but quick to forgive), opinionated and like to be there for other people.

Of course, I have always loved and appreciated my mother (although she probably hasn't always felt the same!), it was only very recently that I came to understand the full scope of my appreciation. I was watching a YouTube video about how young girls can be influenced by the insecurities of their mothers. The mothers were going into detail on camera and in front of their daughters about their flaws, insecurities and things they didn't like about themselves and I found it quite sad to see the daughters reacting to those comments. 

Here's the video for your viewing pleasure:  

Now, I'm not saying that my mother doesn't have flaws or things she doesn't like about herself (we all do) but growing up, I can never once recall my mum saying that she thought she was fat or unattractive or saying that she disliked a part of her body or the way she looked. I never fully appreciated the enormity of this until I saw that YouTube video. Body image is such a big issue in today’s society and I am thankful from the very bottom of my heart that I grew up with such a positive role model.
My dad & mum xo

So today I would like to say a very public thank you to my bold, beautiful mum for always being there, for always being happy with yourself and for your infinite kindness, compassion and love.

Stay beautiful!

Dani xx

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