Sunday, 16 April 2017

Blog Update - Where the Hell Have I Been?

Remember that girl who used to have that blog? Whatever happened to her? Here's an update on where I've been and what you can expect for this blog for the future. 

Last year was a scary, crazy, hot mess for me. Blogging just ended up taking a back seat. And then I kind of fell out of love with blogging. I always said that if I stopped enjoying blogging and it stopped being fun, I wouldn't push it so I didn't. Blogging, for me, was originally a way to connect when I was in a job that made me feel very isolated. It really helped me in a huge way and I will always be grateful that I found the friends and amazing community out there. 

After about a year or so of blogging, I started trying too hard. I noticed people were doing better than I was. They had more followers, their pictures were better, they posted more often than I did. I started losing some of my originality and my blogging voice became, let's face it, pretty boring. I'm not saying I went out and copied people, but I did let what I thought was more popular or what was going to get me more likes drive my content. Instagram became a chore and I freaked out if I missed a post because my whole theme fell apart. I decided that blogging was going to have to take a break. 

I took some time out for myself. I went to Japan with my bestie, Kate, from The Minted Blog. I moved house, I went back to uni, I did Shave for a Cure and I forgot to post on Instagram for weeks. And I felt a whole lot better about life. I love writing and I love having an online voice and presence but I don't want to go back to a place where being on social media constantly and the need for popularity drives me. So what am I planning for the future?

A few of you may remember that I originally started out as a 100% beauty focused blog called KaBOOM! Cosmetics. I then decided that I wanted to talk about more than just beauty and changed my blog name to Dani the Girl XO but I never seemed to quite find my groove and ended up focusing back on beauty again. From here on out, I'm planning on turning my blog into something else entirely. There are aspects of beauty that I enjoy and will still write about but you can expect everything from food to travel to random ramblings on life to my favourite to shows and everything in between. I want to write more about the things that make me happy and less about what I think people want to read

You might see less frequent posts, you might see more frequent posts, I'm just going to take things as they come and try to focus less on churning out content. Thanks to everyone who has stuck around through this roller-coaster ride, especially those who have been around since the beginning. 

Big love and talk to you all very soon. 

Dani XO

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