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MooGoo 28 Day Natural Deodorant Challenge

If you follow me on Snapchat (danithegirl_xo) or on Instagram, you might have seen the lovely Blogger Lunch I attended, hosted by MooGoo. The lunch was amazing and we got the chance to play with the entire range of MooGoo and Dusty Girls products. We were also introduced to the MooGoo Fresh Cream Deodorant ($8.50) and invited to participate in the 28 Day Natural Deodorant Challenge. Here's what happened to me during the 4 week challenge.
I'd been wanting to switch to a natural deodorant for a while but being a bit of a sweaty Betty, I was a little reluctant. I've tried a few natural options in the past but always ended up going back to my regular anti-antiperspirant. Most deodorants contain aluminium as their active ingredient which effectively blocks up your sweat glands and stops you sweating. As well as not being all that great for you, sweating is a normal body process! I was keen to make the switch and find out if a natural deodorant could really work for me.

Week 1 - The first week of the challenge was...interesting! I found that I was needing to apply the Fresh Cream Deodorant two or three times a day. And I was sweating a lot! I didn't feel smelly at all but I definitely felt damp and it was a little annoying to have to apply more than once a day. I did find that the best way to apply was to fully coat the armpits then rub in a little and leave to dry.

Week 2 - The second week, I started to see some improvements. I was only having to apply the deodorant once, occasionally twice a day and I was feeling a lot less sweaty. I was finding that my armpits were a little itchy but apparently that's fairly normal when switching deodorants, especially to natural ones. It's kind of an armpit detox and was more of an annoyance than anything else. 

Week 3The third week was the real turning point for me. I was only applying the deodorant as I normally would with my old anti-antiperspirant, once a day in the morning. Smell was non-existent and I found myself sweating probably only a fraction more than I used to with my old deodorant. 

Week 4 - The final week of the challenge was a breeze. I barely noticed the difference between my new natural deodorant and my old one. I honestly never thought that a natural deodorant could work so well! I feel like I would happily continue using the Fresh Cream Deodorant for every day and perhaps using an anti-antiperspirant only when I have an event or an especially hot summer day!

Have you tried the MooGoo 28 Natural Deodorant Challenge yet?

Dani XO

Products in this post were provided as PR samples but, as always, my opinion is my own.

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