Thursday, 9 June 2016


Simple, Everyday Makeup

Most ladies know the struggle of trying that is get ready in the morning with minimal time and effort. I've managed to get my morning routine down to a fine art. Even though I do occasionally switch things up and try new products, I've put together a few products that are pretty much fail-safe.

A fool-proof way to prime! Simply open, wind up, swipe over your face and use your fingers to blend.

Whether you only want a light base or whether you want something more robust under your BB cream or foundation, this tinted moisturiser covers imperfections and gives a healthy glow. Maximum results with minimum effort.

For a BB cream, this gives amazing coverage and lasts all day. It's specially designed for oily to combination skin. It's my favourite drugstore BB cream, you don't even need a brush to apply it, although I do prefer to use one. 

Not only does this keep your skin fresh and matte all day, it also adds just enough extra coverage. It's a mineral based powder that's excellent for anyone who suffers from breakouts.

Thin Lizzy 6-in-1 Powder ($49.95 for kit)

The perfect multi-tasker, this powder can be used for everything from contouring to eyeshadow to bronzing. Saves time and saves having to use different products! 

Another excellent multi-tasker, this palette contains a blush, bronzer and highlighter AND you can also use the colours for eyeshadows if you're in a rush. 

Big lashes in one swipe with the least amount of effort possible. 

Creamy pencil on one end to outline and define, powder in a foam dispensed on the other to fill in. The easiest, quickest way to get great eyebrows, fast!

This gel is tinted and contains tiny fibres to help plump out your brows. One quick swipe of this is all you need to fill in and keep your brows in place all day.

What are your everyday favourites?

Dani XO

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