Sunday, 13 December 2015


Top 7 Basics from H&M

It seems like Brisbane is the younger sister of Australian cities, the one who gets all the hand-me-downs after the older sister cities (Melbourne and Sydney) have finished with them. The lag time does seem to be decreasing though as we now have not only a Topshop but also a Zara and three (yes, THREE) H&M's. I'm a huge H&M fan. I love that the clothing is on-trend, affordable and easy to wear. With that in mind, here are my top basics picks from H&M right now.
1. White Crop Top ($19.95)

I've never really been keen on the teeny bopper trend of tiny crop tops and bum-baring shorts but this crop top is on a whole other level! It's loose and flowy with delicate lace trim making it perfect for pairing high waisted skirts. 

2. Black Satin Top (29.95)

Tips on how to look ready for a night out with minimal effort: Step 1 - buy this top. Step 2 - pair with jeans/skirt/shorts/whatever. Step 3 - you are now ready. This sexy satin top can take a simple pair of jeans from daggy to dressy and pair perfectly with just about everything. 

I like this shirt for days when you're in such a bad mood that you don't even want to speak to people. When anyone asks how you are, you can just point to the thunderclouds with a deadpan look. Also, glitter.

4. Black Scuba Skirt ($14.95)

A basic but flattering skirt that's long enough for work but the mesh sections make it just racy enough to wear out too. This would pair nicely with the white crop top.

5. Denim Shorts ($29.95)

I always seem to struggle to find denim shorts that lie in the middle realm between "butt cheeks hanging out" and "grandma's gardenng shorts". This pair is one of few that fits the bill. They're fitted and flattering but can accommodate my (large) bottom with no trouble. I still feel cute but without the hassle of constantly worrying whether a bum cheek has popped out to say hi.

6. Straw Hat ($19.95)

It's summer, I live in Australia ergo, straw hat. I was worried this was too reminiscent of my school panama hat but thankfully, it's worlds apart. It's cute, comfy and trendy. It's the perfect addition to a simple outfit to make it look like you're fashionable when really, you have no clue i.e. me.

7. Black Lace Brogues ($29.95)

I cannot resist a good pair of brogues! I absolutely love the lace detail on these which I think makes them look a lot more feminine. I actually bought these at an H&M in London but they are available in store in Brisbane RIGHT NOW!

What are your top picks from H&M?

Dani XO

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