Thursday, 24 December 2015


Gift Guide: Last Minute

So it's Christmas Eve and you've suddenly remembered that your second cousin, twice removed, Rupert, told you he would be at the family Christmas dinner and you haven't bought him a present. There's no need to panic, simply read on to find out what gifts you can get at the last minute that aren't super lame.
1. Gift cards

Some people think gift cards are a cop out but personally, I love getting gift cards. It means I can choose something that I really want and don't have to risk a dodgy gift that I'll never use. You can also tailor these to suit the person e.g. Bunnings Gift Card for Dad/bro/boyfriend. Another smart idea to make the gift look less last minute is to find a nice card and write something like "I know how much you love Ed Sheeran so please use this iTunes gift card to buy his new album". It makes the gift look more thoughtful.

2. Wine/whiskey/alcohol in general

Who doesn't like alcohol? To disguise the fact that you had to leave work early to run to the bottle-o to pick up some last minute gifts, spend a little more and get a decent bottle of wine/alcohol rather than the $5 eye stinger that you see first. 

3. DVDs/Blurays

These are great because even Coles and Woolworths sell DVDs and Blurays. You can do the same sneaky trick as with number 1 and write a note to say "I know how much you love the Avengers so here's the new Age of Ultron movie". This is also great for the post Christmas lunch/dinner exhaustion when you've eaten your body weight in prawns/roast potatoes and you just really need to lie down for a while and chill.

4. Subscription Box
Subscription boxes are great because they're the gift that keeps on giving! Not only will you have something awesome to show them on Christmas day, they'll keep getting little gifts from you all year long. There are beauty boxes, food boxes, soap boxes and everything in between so you can tailor the gift to suit. 
5. Experience vouchers
Another gift that keeps on giving is experience vouchers and there are literally thousands to choose from. You can get everything from skydiving to gourmet meals to massages to rally car driving. It may be a last minute gift but it's one that they will remember for a while!
Any other last minute gift ideas to add?
Dani XO
PS Merry Christmas to all of my wonderful readers!

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