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Gift Guide: Fragrances

December is here and I can hardly believe that Christmas is just around the corner! This year, I thought I would start a Gift Guide series to help make holiday shopping just that little bit more bearable. Here is the very first Gift Guide which focuses on fragrances.


Daisy holds a special place in my heart as it was the first "proper" perfume that I ever wore. I still purchase it to this day. My love for the original Daisy will never fade but the new (limited edition) Daisy Sorbet is an absolute winner. I might actually buy it instead of the original when my current Daisy runs out. It's fruity and floral, like the original Daisy, with a hint of citrus.

This is a newly launched fragrance and the first for Jessica Mauboy. The bottle alone sold me, it looks much more expensive than the $34 price tag. It's fresh and fruity with yummy green apple scent. It's actually a really great dupe for DKNY Be Delicious. If you loved So Fresh but don't want to fork out, or you're on a budget, Be Beautiful is the perfect fragrance to pick up. 

Davidoff has never really been a fragrance brand that I've been interested in. I loved the men's Cool Water fragrance but never paid much attention to the female ones until I picked up Sea Rose. It's such a beautiful, delicate perfume. Everything from the bottle to the actual scent is light and pretty. The fragrance itself is a mixture of sweet pear and pink peony. I'd suggest this scent for anyone who doesn't like super strong smells but still wants something light and fresh.

This is a bit more of an unusual choice but Eau de Gaga is one of my all time favourite fragrances. It would be perfect for someone who doesn't stick to the rules and likes things that are a little different. It's citrusy and woody and a little bit masculine but the lime notes are what really sell me on this one. The bottle is also gorgeous and would look perfect in a minimalist not mine but I still love it. You can read my full review on Eau de Gaga here.

*Side note: boyfriend had a lot of input for this section as I personally don't know much about male fragrances.

If the awesome fist punching bottle doesn't sell you on Only the Brave, the super masculine scent soon will. Although it's very manly and leathery, it also has notes of citrus and violet, making it a little less in-your-face and a little more wearable. This is a great daytime fragrance and makes an awesome display piece in the bathroom too.

And here I thought Ronaldo was just a football player! Turns out he's a man of many talents, having just released his debut fragrance, Legacy. The packaging makes it look like a higher end perfume and the gold and black are a very classy combo. It definitely packs a punch with notes of wood, amber and smoked vetiver. These are tempered by a little lavender and green apple to give a well rounded and very masculine scent. Boyfriend also gave this his official seal of approval.

This is possibly my favourite male fragrance, there is something extremely sexy about it. I like the slightly unusual packaging, it screams "I've been stranded on a desert island but I still want to smell like sex on legs". It's sweet and spicy with just a hint of grapefruit and raspberry. This gets MY official seal of approval.

Soul is probably the hardest of the bunch to track down but you can still find it. It's fresh, spicy and citrusy and pairs nicely with a sharp suit and fresh shave.

Will you be picking up a frangrance for youself or someone special this Christmas?

Dani XO

Be Beautiful, Legacy and Eau de Gaga were provided as PR samples but, as always, my opinion is my own.

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