Sunday, 3 May 2015

8 Ways to Stick It to Life

Maybe you're feeling under the weather? Maybe you've had some bad news? Maybe it's that time of the month? Or maybe you're just plain old having a bad day? Here are some sure fire ways to stick it to life and come out the other side with a smile.

1. Take a bath - a nice, hot bath, some pretty candles and a bath bomb from LUSH always make me feel better on the not-so-good days. Bonus points for popping on a face mask (check out some favourites here).
2. Cuddle a fur-baby - I'm the first to admit that my fur-baby (Earl), hates all living creatures (typical cat), me especially BUT he will tolerate a snuggle every now and it always makes me feel better, even if he hates it. PS - You can follow Earl on Instagram at @earlthefatcat
3. Lose yourself in a good book - When my life gets me down, I like to escape into someone else's. Whether it's re-reading my favourite series (Harry Potter, A Song of Ice and Fire, Earth's Children) or finding something completely new, nothing beats a good book.
4. Binge watch Netflix - I am a firm believer that every so often, you need a day to do nothing but curl up under your doona and watch every episode of Orange is the New Black in a row! Netflix will even play the next episode automatically so all you need to do is sit back and relax.
5. Eat your favourite foods - I don't really do diets, so I pretty much each what I want to anyway BUT when you're feeling miserable, nothing beats the pleasure of a big bowl of gooey Mac & Cheese, a nice greasy pizza or a hearty serving of Ben & Jerry's. Bad feelings, BE GONE!
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6. Exercise - Exercise = endorphins = feeling good! Head to your local yoga class to chill or better yet, head to a kickboxing class to beat the crap out imaginary foes, it's very therapeutic!
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7. Call your mum/bestie - the number of times I've called my mum in a blubbering mess is scarily high but she never fails to explain exactly how it's all going to turn out fine.
8. Shop - I am definitely guilty of turning to retail therapy more often that I should but hey, it works! Whether it's a little splurge on a new lippie or finally buying the one thing you've been coveting for weeks, a little retail therapy is good for the soul!

My latest bi of retail therapy resulted in this baby. Image from
What are your favourite pick-me-ups?

Dani xx


  1. Cat cuddles WHILE watching Netflix is the way to go! Another way to stick it to life is to give a little something back. I spent today doing charity work, so I can now relax doing the cat cuddles and Netflix!

  2. I wish i had a furbaby to cuddle!! I am in desperate need of a holiday ><

  3. Loved this list. i'm in definite need of a bath and shopping session, pronto! x

  4. Great post Dani! Big fan of Bath/Lush/Face Mask combo and then a big Netflix session afterwards!! Chocolate doesn't hurt either ;) x

  5. Perfect! And yes, volunteering is a great way to put your problems in perspective and help someone else out at the same time :)

  6. Unfortunately, my furbaby isn't big on cuddles but he still makes me feel better

  7. I don't know what it is about having a bath but I always feel sooooo much better! And shopping, hellz yeah! Never fails to pick up my spirits

  8. Thanks Mel! That sounds like the perfect evening to me ^^^ Chocolate definitely doesn't hurt, I'm currently in love with a new Cadbury Limited Edition Flavour <3

  9. YAY EARL! Great list, I do all of the above far too often haha.

    Kate |


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