Wednesday, 7 January 2015

NEW! Too Faced Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar Palette

That was my initial reaction when I finally had the new Too Faced Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar Palette clutched in my sweaty little paws! I have done a video review/first impressions which you can find here. I thought I would also do a blog post with some better quality swatches and little more info on the shades.

My overall impression is that while the Semi-Sweet Palette doesn't have quite the same pigmentation as the original Chocolate Bar Palette, it's definitely not awful and I don't regret buying it. My advice to owners of the original Chocolate Bar Palette would be to only purchase the Semi-Sweet if you cherish a deep and burning love for the Choc Palette like I do. I prefer the shade in the original and think they are most versatilve and work with a wider range of skin tones BUT I still quite like the shades in Semi-Sweet (bar one, I'll get to that later) and I can see myself using it quite frequently. If you are tossing up between the two, I would say the original Chocolate Bar Palette will always hold a special place in my heart and unless you prefer warmer tones, the original is probably the one to go for. I definitely don't regret buying it but I don't think it's for everyone and the shade quality in Semi-Sweet isn't as good as the original Chocolate Bar Palette, especially in the lighter shades.

Here's a bit of a run down of the shades:
Licorice - a matte black shade. Pigmentation is a little patchy but the shade is buildable and I quite like it.

Cocoa Chili - a deep, warm brown with a hint of gold sparkle. This is one of my favourite shades, I love the addition of the gold sparkle, it really makes the shade pop.

Rum Raisin - a warm, mid-toned shimmery brown. Another favourite, this shade is perfect for a neutral smokey eye.

Coconut Crème - a matte cream shade. Not my favourite, the pigmentation is a little chalky and the shade itself is quite powdery.

Pink Sugar - a frosted pink glitter/shimmer shade. The worst shade of the entire palette! It just looks like silver glitter with the very faintest hint of pink, very disappointing.

Mousse - a warm, light brown matte shade. A very decent little shade, nicely pigmented and very wearable.

Puddin' - a matte taupe. Another great shade, not one that I would usually go for but I can see it becoming a favourite very quickly.

Caramel - a warm, copper-gold shimmer shade. This is the shade that I instantly fell in love with when I first opened the palette, I love it!
Nougat - a very pretty soft matte pink. I was expecting poor pigmentation but this is actually one of the nicest shades in the whole palette.

Blueberry Swirl - a metallic dark blue. One of very few cool toned shades in the palette, I was initially quite disappointed with this shade, I thought the colour would really pop but it's a bit muted. It's quite buildable though so I'm looking forward to testing it out properly.

Bon Bon - a shimmery copper brown. Again, not a shade that I would usually like but I'm already in love!

Truffled - a deep matte brown. I find this shade a tad boring but it's got good pigmentation and if you like warm browns you would like Truffled.

Peanut Butter - a matte orange-brown. That description sounds horrible but this is a strangely appealing shade and looks much better on than in the pan.

Butter Pecan - a champagne shimmer. This looks really pretty in the pan but I found it really hard to swatch, the colour payoff isn't great.

Hot Fudge - a dark brown with a tiny hint of gold shimmer. This is similar to Cocoa Chili but darker and less shimmery. A very nice shade with good pigmentation.

Frosting - a medium to dark shimmery brown. Another winning shade for me, it has quite a nice gold hue to it when swatched. 
An eye look using Nougat, Mousse, Puddin' and Caramel
If can't wait until the Semi-Sweet Palette launches in Australian (22nd of Feb), then you can order from Hop Shop Go like I did. I used the "Buy for me" option and I was really impressed with the service and the shipping times. I think my package took 3 days to get from the US to Australia and that was over Christmas/NY so I can highly recommend Hop Shop Go.

What do you think of the new Semi-Sweet Palette?

Dani xo


  1. I love the eye look you've created, and while I think some of the shades are really pretty, I would still go for the original. I am very tempted by it indeed!

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

  2. I love the eye look as well, and looking at the names of those shades makes me hungry! I think I'd go for the original palette as well, although Nougat, Puddin and Rum Raisin are all up my alley. I find Hop Shop Go to be really good as well, yay for good forwarding services to us poor Aussies who get everything last hehe

    Angie || the maquillage

  3. Guhhh it looks damn good! I really shouldn't buy any new palettes before I head overseas because I have to take my current ones apart to make a customised one to use :( Love the names though, and I am so going to have a whiff when I see it :P

    Kate |

  4. Aww thank you! The names are pretty mouthwatering and using these palettes ALWAYS makes me hungry for chocolate. This was my first time using Hop Shop Go or any kind of parcel forwarding service and I can definitely see myself using them again in future.

  5. Resist the urge! These palerted are really not travel friendy. Depotting/customising is a really good idea though I'm not sure I have it in me to hack up my favourite palettes! I warn you, once you've sniffed them, it'll be pretty hard to resist 'em!

  6. I know! It's going to take a lot out of me to rip apart my Naked palettes :( Is it sad I want to pack up the cases and put them back together later? :P


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