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Christmas Blog Swap with Chocolate & Lipstick

Over Christmas, I sent out a request on Twitter to see if any UK based bloggers were interested in doing a Christmas Blog Swap. Not only did I make a new friend in Angie from Chocolate & Lipstick but I also got the chance to try out some amazing goodies from brands that we (sadly) don’t get in Australia. 

Having lived in the UK, I was pretty familiar with the brands made a few requests for specific brands and also gave Angie some of the colours and shades that I like to wear. We had a limit of $40AUD which is about £20 and I was really pleased with what Angie came up with. I very stupidly chucked out the packaging before taking photos but it was beautifully wrapped with a very sweet little Christmas card too. Here’s what Santa aka Angie got me for the Christmas Blog Swap:

Makeup Revolution Pout & Gloss Collection

Makeup Revolution is a brand that I have been LUSTING over for ages and I let Angie know that I would be over the moon to see some of their products in the swap and she definitely delivered! This set includes 3 sheer and very hydrating lip crayons, one slightly shimmery lip gloss and a handy little compact mirror. The lip crayons are amazing, they're sheer but very buildable and feel really nice on the lips, I especially like the pink shade.
Lip swatches (L-R) of the Makeup Revolution Lip Crayons in red, orange and pink.

Makeup Revolution Lipstick in The One

This lipstick is just to die for. It’s a creamy, hydrating lipstick in a pale pink nude shade that I think is very wearable and I can’t believe these retail for just £1! I was surprised to learn that this is a matte lipstick because it applies so easily and has much more of a creamy, silky finish than a matte finish BUT it’s still a great lipstick and an excellent addition to my collection.

Barry M Loud Mouth Extreme Lip Colour in Diva

Barry M was another brand that I asked Angie to include and wowzers, a little of this goes a very long way! It’s very very pigmented, glossy and you only need the tiniest amount to get good coverage. It does fade pretty quickly but instead of looking patchy, it fades to a nice stain so you still look moderately put together. This shade, Diva, looks purple in the packaging but it’s really more of a cherry red and I can’t wait to get my Invisalign off so I can wear more bright shades without fear of looking like a vampire (I seem to get lipstick all over my teeth/Invisalign no matter what I do!). It also smells really fruity and delicious so bonus points there too. 

Barry M Cor Balmy! Lip Balm in Jam Jar

Ok so a lip balm with SPF15, moisturising core, Vitamin E, Jojoba oil AND Shea butter, what’s not to love? The shade Jam Jar is like BeneBalm on steroids and it smells like fruit juice, I’m in love! One swipe leaves a sheer stain but you can build it up to look a lot more pigmented too. I love how hydrating this is and I think it will have to take up residence in my handbag for moisture top ups on the go.

Zoella Creamy Madly Dreamy Body Lotion

Yet another brand that I requested found its way into my blog swap box. I was very pleased to see this body lotion by Zoella, I’ve been wanting to try out her range since it launched. Creamy Madly Dreamy is a sweet scented body lotion enriched with Vitamin E, Jojobo oil and Shea butter (scarily similar to the ingredients in Cor! Balmy) and I found myself reaching for it after a bath because it does a really good job of hydrating without being too sticky or greasy. I also LOVE the packaging, it’s simple but I love the colour combination and the little gold frill around the bottom.

Barely There Bath Pearls and Caviar 

I’m a girl who loves her baths so I was very pleased to see some bath products included. Angie sent me two set of Bath Pearl & Caviar in the scents White Lily and Sweet Rose Blossom. I haven’t had a chance to try them yet (summer in Brisbane is not the place for a bath!) but they smell divine and I can’t wait til the weather is cool enough for baths again.

Barely There Rose Bath Petal

Last but definitely not least is this gorgeous (for want of a better word) bath accessory. This is almost too beautiful to use, it’s an amazing looking rose that dissolves in the bath. It’s also White Lily and Sweet Rose Blossom Scented and I can’t wait to have a bath with it…although I will probably shed a little tear over destroying something so pretty!

Swatches (L-R) of the Makeup Revolution Lip Crayons in red, orange and pink, Makeup Revolution Lip Gloss, Barry M Cor Balmy! in Jam Jar, Makeup Revolution 'The One" Lipstick and Barry M Loudmouth Lip Colour in 'Diva'
Overall, I was really pleased with what Angie came up with for me. There isn’t a single thing that I wouldn’t use or don’t like. You can see what I sent Angie here. I was quite nervous for my first blog swap, I was afraid that I’d end up with complete duds but Angie is not only a really lovely lady but also has excellent taste and I really had no reason to worry. 

What UK beauty products are you currently lusting over?

Dani xo


  1. yay! So glad you liked your items. I was very worried.
    All of the lippies look great on you!

  2. She did an amazing job! I love all the different lippies!

  3. Wow she did so well! I'll have to go check her blog out as she has awesome taste ;)
    Sweetaholic Beauty

  4. Thank you again! I looooove everything :D

  5. Yes she did! I love all the lip products, they're perfect.

  6. Thanks for the nomination. I've actually done this tag pretty recently but I appreciate the nomination!

  7. It's always a risk doing a blog swap but Angie dos such an amazing job. Definitely check her blog out, she's pretty fab!

  8. LOVE Makeup Revolution so much! I can't believe how affordable it is! Jelly of the Barry M products too!

    Kate |


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