Thursday, 20 November 2014

The Nail Files: OPI + Coca Cola

When I heard that OPI was releasing a collaboration with Coca Cola, I was probably more excited than most normal people would be. When I thought of all the amazing colours and flavours across the Coca Cola range that OPI had to work with, I admit that I had to sit down for a little bit. When the actual collection came out, I may have actually squealed a little! The shades were just as fabulous as I’d hoped and I was lucky enough to be sent a couple of them to try. 

The Polishes

Coca-Cola Red and Orange You Stylish* ($19.95 each)

There are a total of nine shades in the collection and, as with all OPI shades, the names are a little kooky and creative. The two I have are named after the classic Coca Cola and Fanta Orange, two of my favourite fizzy beverages. Coca-Cola Red is a fabulously bright, vibrant red and Orange You Stylish is an equally bright pumpkin orange. Bright red is obviously a classic nail polish colour and is so easy to wear but I was surprised at how easy the orange was to wear too. 

The formula of Coca-Cola Red was a little easier to work with than Orange You Stylish but both went on beautifully in two coats. I was hoping that the wear time would have improved since the last time I’d bought an OPI polish but sadly, I had minor chipping within two days. I do love the amazing range of shades and hilarious names in the OPI collections and the Coca Cola collab is now exception but I wish that the actual polishes lasted a bit longer on the nails because they’re just so pretty!

Dani xx

*This product was provided as a PR sample but as always, my opinion is my own.


  1. I love your nail color swatch thingys! So professional. I really like the look of Coca Cola Red. It looks so pretty and opaque. Great post as always :)

    Sarah | Bows & Pleats

  2. The swatch wheels were just from eBay and they were super cheap. I just prefer to use them for reviews cos I feel like they show the colour a lot better. Coca Cola Red is the perfect, classic red! Just a shame the wear isn't that good


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