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Top 3 Uses for Rosehip Oil ft. Natural Instinct

Rosehip oil has been very popular in recent years, largely owing to its anti-ageing and pigmentation-fighting properties. It's derived from rose bush seeds, commonly found in Chile, South Africa and parts of Europe. Because it's so high in Vitamin C, which stimulates collagen production, it's an excellent-anti-ageingproduct. it's also high in Vitamin A which reduces fine lines and antioxidants, which improve skin texture. In summary, it really packs a punch! I've put together my Top 3 Uses for Rosehip Oil, in partnership with Natural Instincts and their amazing Rejuvenating Rosehip Oil
1. Face

The first, and most obvious, use for rosehip oil is as a skincare product. Because of all the reasons above, it's an excellent anti-ageing product. It's also very good at reducing pigmentation, hydrating the skin and boosting the overall appearance of dull skin. Natural Instincts Rosehip Oil also contains Seabuckthorn extract to help rebuild skin cells and Rosemary extract, which contains antioxidants to help repair skin damage caused by free radicals.

I like to use 2-3 drops about twice a week before bed, and massage them in using my Julisa Opalite Roller before applying my moisturiser.  

2. Body

While rosehip oil makes a great general body moisturiser, I have been using it to tackle my stretch marks. Unfortunately, I seem to scar very easily and my stretch marks are no exception. Nati=urak Instincts Rosehip Oil contains Omega-3 and Omega-6 Essential Fatty Acids which help to repair damaged skin and reduce the appearance of scars. 

I've been applying a few drops nightly to my legs, the area with the most noticeable marks, and I already feel like they have improved. I have really high hopes for the future.

3. Hair

I have always suffered from an insanely itchy scalp and nothing I've used seems to help, until now. Because rosehip oil is absorbed so easily and is non-greasy, it's great to add to hair as it won't weigh it down. Vitamins A, C and E also give a boost try dull hair, injecting shine back into it and repairing damage.

I've been applying a drop or two to damp hair, them combing through and drying and styling as usually. You can also warm a little more than a few drops and use them as a hair mask overnight for the silkiest, softest hair ever.

Bonus tips

As a little added bonus, Natural Instincts Rejuvenating Rosehip Oil is Australian made, cruelty-free and vegan. They are an amazing brand, working towards sustainability and and away from over-packaging of products, both big wins in my books.

Dani XO

This product was provided as a PR sample but, as always, my opinion is my own.


  1. I’ll have to give it a go - thanks Dani!

  2. Ok, so I've never thought to use Rosehip Oil on my body or hair before! Off to try that tomorrow when I wash my hair next. I have about 5 bottles of rosehip oil to use up hahaha.

    I really want a Jade roller of sorts, need to investigate into one as Julisa is out of stock.

    Great post, Dani!

    Maddie |


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