Thursday, 26 February 2015

Blogging Takes a Backseat

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Hello lovely readers,

Today's post is a little sad for me, as I'm going to be taking a little break from blogging. I absolutely adore blogging, it's one of my passions and one of my favourite things to do. It's hard sometimes to remember that, much as I love it, blogging is still just a hobby and will probably always just be a hobby. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that but when stress levels get high and life starts throwing things at you, blogging is one of the first things that has to go.

I'm set to start uni this month and what with me recently leaving my old job, starting a new one, getting engaged and taking on a few more journalistic pursuits as well as various other things like events and weddings, I just don't feel like my blogging game is up to scratch right now. I would rather take a little break than offer half-hearted posts and bad photos because I don't have the time that I'd like to put into blogging. 

 I will definitely jump right back into blogging once I've got a bit more of a routine going and my life is less hectic so please bear with me! I appreciate every single one of you and every time I see a comment, like or new follower, I know that it's worth it. See you all in a little while!

Dani xo

Sunday, 22 February 2015

Recreate Yourself at

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First up, I would like to clearly state that this is NOT a sponsored post. I was approached by the team at who asked if I would like $50 to spend on their website. As a keen shopaholic and someone who is always on the lookout for a new beauty website, I jumped at the chance and thought I would share my shopping experience with you.
Recreate Yourself or is Australia's largest online store stocking a range of skincare, haircare and cosmetics. Brands like the Balm, GHD, Clarisonic and Anastasia Beverly Hills are all available through RY and yes, they are genuine! If you sign up to their mailing list, you can get $5 off your first order and orders over $99 ship free. My order took a lightning fast 2 days to arrive, which I think is because I'm just around the corner (RY is based in Burleigh Heads). 

Now for the exicitng part: my order! It took me a VERY long time to decide what to order because RY stock a really large range and I wanted everything. Eventually, I settled on these.....

Mary-Lou Manizer by the Balm ($34.95)* - I have been lusting after the Lou Manizers for ages and while Cindy-Lou was originally at the top of my wishlist, a little research showed that Mary-Lou look a lot more "me". I was a little worried about it shattering in transit but my order was really well packaged and Mary arrived in one beautiful piece. 
Ardell Dual Lash Applicator ($6.29)* - I've very recently decided that false lashes are the best thing ever but I've been struggling to apply them properly and get them to sit flush with my natural lashes. This little doodad is perfect for applying lashes easily and the handy little clamp end is amazing for gently pressing your false lashes to your real ones. There's also a little rubber end to press down those pesky ends that never want to stay down!
Speaking of lashes, I also decided to add another pair to my collection and the Lash Me Sarah Lashes ($7.96)* caught my eye. I like false lashes but I don't like them to look too over-the-top. This pair is perfect for adding volume and length without looking over-done.
I can definitely recommend for any beauty lover looking for a bargain. I was really impressed with the service, I got an immediate confirmation of order, my tracking details were sent straight away, my order shipped in record time and was neatly and securely packaged. I also got a few freebies thrown in which is always nice. 

Have you bought anything from

Dani xo

*These were provided as PR samples but my opinion of is based purely on my experiences and is completely honest.

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Sunday, 15 February 2015

The "Love" Wishlist

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Inspired by February, the month of love (and my birthday next week), I thought I would share my latest wishlist. I currently keep track of my wishlist with a bunch of sticky notes on my dressing table mirror but I think Polyvore is a much better idea, I'm slightly addicted! So here's what I'm currently lusting after.

First up is the Hourglass Modernist Palette in Atmosphere ($58.00 USD). I originally wasn't that taken by the new Hourglass palettes but the more I've looked at swatches and close ups, the more I want to make one of these mine! They've already been released in the USA but aren't due out in Australia until March. I like Atmosphere because it's a "cool neutral" palette but honestly, they all look gorgeous!

The second palette on my wishlist is the Urban Decay Naked Palette ($82.70). I own both the Naked 2 and Naked 3 and really just want to make up the complete collection. Neither the Naked 2 or 3 have much in the way of blue shades and I know I'm a neutrals gal so I know I would use it...but mostly I just want to complete my collection!

The ABH Maya Mia Palette ($29.00 USD) has been on my radar for ages. That aqua shade is calling to me! I love the range of colours and I've heard such good things about this palette that I really see no reason that I wouldn't like it.

Another product that I've been keen to try is the Balm's Cindy-Lou Manizer ($34.95). I've heard that it's the best of the "Lou Manizers" and really, a girl can never have too many highlighters...right?*

*Since writing this, I've managed to get my hands on Mary-Lou Manizer....but I've still got my eye on Cindy!

Since ColourPop now ships to Australia, I feel like the new Shaaanxo X ColourPop Foursome ($20.00) is now well withing my reach. I've heard that ColourPop products are really good quality and have been devouring literally any YouTube video I can find on them. 

I've almost finished my trial size version of the Estée Lauder Double Wear ($50.00) and I am completely sold on it. It's full coverage but doesn't look cakey, it lasts all day and I know exactly which shade fits me (Tawny, in case you're interested). I think this might be my birthday treat to myself...

I already own one NARS Audacious Lipstick ($44.00) in Geraldine which I adore but I'm very eager to get my hands on more. I particularly like the look of Greta and Charlotte but they all look pretty amazing.

Lucky last is another lipstick, MAC's Lady Danger ($36.00). Do I really need another lipstick? Probably not. Am I going to get it anyway because I've been dreaming about it for months? Probably....

What's on your current wishlist?

Dani xo

Thursday, 12 February 2015

10 Things Every Beauty Lover Has Thought

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One of my goals for the blog this year was to try out some new content and to that end, here's something a little different, 10 Things Every Beauty Lover Has Thought

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1. While walking past Mecca Maxima/Priceline/any shop that stocks any form of beauty product: "I''ll just go in for a quick look"......You will then emerge three hours later with several bulging shopping bags.

2. After finishing up a really intricate and detailed bit of nail art: I need to pee....(or eat, read, brush my hair, etc)

3. Upon seeing a free gift with purchase, even if you've never even thought of buying that particular brand before: I need to buy ALL the things!

4. While browsing lipsticks: Hmmm, well this red is really similar to the 5,000 other red lipsticks I already own...but not similar enough to stop me buying it! The same mentality applies to nail polishes.

5. When preparing to go in for a winged liner look: Steady, steady! I cannot screw this us again! Deep breaths, it can sense your fear! Look fierce...ah dammit, panda eyes again!

6. When seeing amazingly flawless makeup on sales assistants or makeup artists at cosmetics counters: How the hell does he/she DO that? Do you think they would show me? Would it be weird if I asked? I'm gonna ask anyway.

7. Silently judging people with poorly applied makeup: Ewww, foundation tide mark! That lipstick? Really? Did you apply your eyeshadow in the dark...with a spatula? Don't lie, we've all done it!

8. Upon hearing about a new limited edition release: Clear my schedule! If you need me, I'll be camping outside the store until the release date and I WILL cry if I'm not the first person to get it!

9. When you feel yourself getting upset or emotional but you're wearing super expensive or totally flawless makeup: DO! NOT! CRY! Suck it up, it's not worth it, this mascara is way too expensive to waste!

10. When people ask if you really need another lipstick/foundation/mascara/nail polish:Hey, back off! This isn't just makeup, this is a COLLECTION!...and yes, I do!


Dani xo

Sunday, 8 February 2015

Tanning 101

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This post is for all the tanning beginners, the self-tan rookies and the fake bake newbies. I have naturally quite olivey skin and it really doesn't take much to turn "quite olivey" to tan. I spent a few days at the beach over New Year and that's given me enough colour to last the next few months. I am pretty new to fake tanning myself but I've always loved gradual tanners, I think they're are amazing! They're a great way to prolong your tan, they give a really natural looking colour and they're a great starting point for anyone with zero fake tanning experience. Here are some of my top gradual tanning picks.

For the few times that I do decide to fake tan, Bondi Sands is my go-to brand. But for the rest of the year, the Gradual Tanning Milk is my number one choice. This has a really nice cocoa butter scent, although it doesn't completely mask the "fake tan" smell. It's not an immediately obvious smell but I do find that you can smell the tan smell on yourself during the day, it's not awful but it's definitely there. 2-3 days of using this gives me a beautiful bronzed glow that last for about a week and I really love how natural it looks. I also love how moisturising it is, you can completely skip body moisturiser on the days you use this.

If you're after a gradual tanner and don't want to spend a fortune, then the Le Tan Gradual Tan is an excellent choice. Like the Bondi Sands Tanning Milk, you can ditch body moisturiser and just use this for a few days. I find that 3-5 days of use gives a really nice colour that lasts very nicely. I don't find the fake tanning scent as strong with this one (it actually smells like butter cookies) but I like the formula of the Bondi Sands one better.

If you need to look bronzed fast then this is my pick. Unlike the Bondi Sands and Le Tan versions which are white, this is a shimmery bronze colour which means it's easier to make sure you don't miss any spots. I find that just one application gives a good glow but you can also mix a little of this with your regular moisturiser for a more subtle glow. This was my first foray into the world of self-tanning and it still remains a favourite.

 Unlike the other three which are body tanners, the Sunless Tanner can be used on both face and body. I'm not saying the other three aren't, I'm just saying they aren't designed to be. This has a really pleasant orangey scent which unfortunately does fade to leave behind the good old fake tan smell. This is also a golden bronze colour so the first application will leave you with a bronzed glow. This is the least moisturising of the four and does require a little more effort to rub in but the results are long lasting.

I really love using gradual tanners, I think they are so easy to use and you don't have to start from scratch when your tan starts to fade, you can just top up with another few days of tanner. For best results though, you should exfoliate just as you would for a proper fake tan.
Do you have a favourite gradual tanner?

Dani xo 

*These products were provided as PR samples but as always, my opinion is my own.

Thursday, 5 February 2015

My Evening Skincare Routine

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Over Christmas, I posted a snap on Instagram of some of my evening skin care products. I received a few requests to do an evening skincare routine post so here goes!

Makeup removal -  My first thought on getting home is usually "GET THIS MAKEUP OFF ME!" closely followed by "FOOD!" I usually go for a quick and dirty first step removal using the Simple Cleansing Facial Wipes ($6.99) followed by my favourite makeup remover of all time, Lush's Ultrabland ($17.95) which leaves my skin feeling super soft and cleansed. I know a lot of people find Ultrabland quite greasy but I use a hot cloth to remove it and have never had an issue. 

Masks - Masks are a key part of my evening skincare routine, I absolutely love popping on a face mask and having a bath to wind down. I've been really loving Mask of Magnaminty by Lush ($15.95) lately, it's a product I reach for whenever my skin is having a major freak out. The mint is really cooling and while I do get a bit of a skin purge initially, long-term use leaves my skin in mint (hehe) condition. For a more gentle, hydrating mask, I've been reaching for the St Ives Oatmeal Scrub + Mask ($9.99) which not only smells amazing but really calms my skin. I love the exfoliating oaty grains too, my skin always feels really soft after using this.

Tone it up - It's always been difficult for me to find a toner that doesn't either feel like I'm just splashing water on my face or burn like the fires of hell. They always seem either too harsh or not very effective. I picked up Lush's Breath of Fresh Air ($19.95) at the Boxing Day sales and have finally found a happy medium kind of toner. I really like that this has a spray nozzle so you can choose to either spray it directly onto your skin or onto a cotton pad. It also smells really refreshing and feels like an instant pick-me-up.

Exfoliation - No, I didn't get this step wrong, this type of exfoliation is chemical rather than physical and comes after toner. The John Plunkett Glyco Peel* ($29.95) has been an absolute saviour for me and has really improved my skin condition. This contains 25% Glycolic Acid which chemically removes dead skin cells meaning your skin looks more radiant. It also contains aloe vera to soothe and calm. This works best if you use it for a week, then rest for a week, it gives the skin time to adapt. Glycolic acid also makes your skin sensitive to sun damage so if you do decide to use this (which you should, it's amazing!), then make sure you're also using SPF.

Hydrate - I like to go for a slightly richer formula for my night-time moisturiser as I have all night to absorb it and don't have to worry about looking too greasy. I absolutely love my custom made Bespoque Skin Care* ($36.95 - $69.95), mine is called Little Jar of Magic. You can customise the formula, scent and active ingredients so you can get exactly what you need out of it. You can read my full post on Bespoque here. My other go-to night cream is the Dirty Works 8-in-1 Miracle Cream* ($19.95). I'm a huge fan of the Dirty Works range, I think it's effective, affordable and fun, I love the retro packaging! the Miracle Cream is perfect to apply overnight as it then has plenty of time to brighten, smooth, moisturise and hydrate. Bonus points for smelling great too!

The Eyes
- I have been fighting a very long battle against my dark circles. No matter what I do, they're always there and a bad night's sleep makes them all the more obvious. I currently switch between Benefit's It's Potent Eye Cream ($42.00) and Dirty Works Eye Cream* ($12.95). I like both of them because they're more like gels than creams, they absorb really quickly and (most importantly), I feel like they actually do make my eye area look more hydrated and my dark circles are less obvious.

Blemish Fighting - The final step for my evening skincare routine is a liberal application of Witch Hazel Blemish Gel ($9.99) to my most obvious spots. Witch hazel is excellent for banishing blemishes and I really like the gel formula, it's a little easier to work with than liquid witch hazel. 
Now, this might seem like a huge routine but rest assured that I don't use every single product every single night. I use each of them when I feel I need them and obviously, I wouldn't use two masks or two moisturisers in the same night. 

What products have you incorporated into your evening skincare routine?

Dani xo

*These products were provided as a PR sample but as always, my opinion is my own

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Disappointing Products :(

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Aren't disappointing products the worst? It's awful spending your hard earned money on a product and then discovering that it really doesn't work for you. If you click through to YouTube now, you can watch my Disappointing Products video and hopefully avoid some less than stellar products.

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Dani xo

Sunday, 1 February 2015

Colour Theory Lip Trio

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I was recently sent some Colour Theory products to trial and I really didn't know what to expect as I've never tried anything from the brand before. I was very pleasantly suprised with the prodcuts I trialled and I've decided to do a little feature on the lip trio I was sent because I was so impressed with them. Colour Theory is a budget Australia budget beauty brand exclusive to Amcal and Guardian Pharmacies and everything from the makeup range is either $4, $6, $8 or $10 and from what I've seen, well worth the bargain price!

Colour Theory Lip Liner in Sorority Sista* ($6.00)

This lip liner is a really pretty bright pink and has really amazing pigmentation. I would happily wear this alone for the beautiful matte finish and pop of colour but it works equally well under a slightly sheer lipstick or topped with a nice gloss. I always used to think of lip liners as a elderly lady kind of makeup prodcut but I've recently been converted and Sorority Sista is now one of my favourite products. 

Colour Theory Lipstick in In the Pink* ($6.00)
This is probably not a lipstick that I would have picked up for myself but I strangely quite like it! It's a really shimmery, glossy pink that's slightly sheer and very wearable. The combo of In the Pink and Sorority Sista is pretty spot on as the lip liner really makes the lipstick pop. I also really like the clear packaging, makes it much easier to see what colour you're reaching for in the depths of your handbag/makeup drawer. Unfortunately, the colour doesn't really last that well, I guess because it's such a sheer colour.

Colour Theory Lip Gloss in Strawberry Sorbet* ($8.00)
Anyone who's been a long-time follower will know how much I hate lip glosses. I hate the tacky, sticky feeling and they bring back bad memories of my high school makeup attempts. I guess I must have just been trying the wrong glosses because Strawberry Sorbet and I have a little something going on together! This gloss feels much more moisturising and is glossy rather than tacky, you don't get that horrible sticky lips situation at all. The shade is a soft pink with just a hint of gold shimmer and looks amazing over Sorority Sista.
Bottom to top: Strawberry Sorbet, In the Pink & Sorority Sista
What I love most about this lip trio is that they work well alone or in any combination. My favourite combination so far is all three worn together for a perfect pink pout!

Have you tried Colour Theory yet?

Dani xo

*These products were provided as a PR sample but as always, my opinion is my own

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