Sunday, 30 October 2016

Matrix Haircare - Rock It Texture

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As someone with fine, dead straight hair, I'm always on a quest for volume and texture. I want to look like I just got back from the beach, instead of looking like I just got drenched in oil. Enter Rock It Texture. This is one of very few ranges I've found that actually makes my hair look half decent, without making it dry or sticky.
Rock It Texture Range 

This range is made up of Rock It Texture Shampoo ($16.95), Rock It Texture Conditioner ($16.95) and Rock It Texture Sea Salt Spray ($25.00). Apart from looking really cool in apple green packaging, these products actually work! From the first shampoo, my hair looked amazing. After a couple of weeks, I found I could use my normal shampoo and conditioner and then throw in the Rock It Texture range once a week to once a fortnight to give a little added boost and give back some of the texture and volume I so desperately need. 

It's also safe to use on colour-treated hair and won't make your colour fade. The range smells amazing too, very fresh. It's especially good for shorter or wavy hair as it gives those styles a certain boost. A special shout out to the Sea Salt Spray (if you're a long-time reader, you know I love a good sea salt spray) as it's the BEST for texture but doesn't make your hair sticky or dry.

Dani the Girl XO gives the Rock It Texture range:
Have you tried the Rock It Texture range yet?

Dani XO

Products in this post were provided as PR sample but, as always, my opinions are my own.


Sunday, 23 October 2016

Bargain Beauty Buys

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One of my pet hates as a beauty blogger is when I see people saying things like "you have to use high end brands to have your makeup look good". I'm not saying that high end brands aren't amazing. I have and use a whole lot of them myself. I just hate people thinking that they have to spend huge amount of money to look good. I've picked out five of my favourite bargain beauty buys to prove that being on a budget doesn't mean looking bad!
1. Models Prefer Matte Nude Shadows ($10.00)

There's no denying that the Urban Decay Naked palettes had a huge influence on these Models Prefer Palettes. The style is almost identical but at only $10, the Models Prefer versions are definitely friendlier to your bank account. These usually get released around Christmas but you can usually find them all year round, especially in the quieter Pricelines. This one is full of lovely warm nudes and although the quality isn't quite on par with the Urban Decay ones, they aren't bad at all!

I probably spend as long doing my brows as I do on the whole rest of my face sometimes! I love brow products and Make Me Brow is no exception. It's a great dupe for the famous Benefit Gimme Brow (which I also love) but for a fraction of the price. It comes in two shades and the formula contains micro-fibres to give brows volume and fill in any patches. Well worth the $5!

I am a slave to winged liners and this one is my old faithful. I know that I can always pull off a sharp wing in seconds. It's easy to use, easy to clean up and stays put all day. I've heard some negative reviews of this but for me, it's always been a winner and it still comes in under $20. 

Rimmel always kill it when it comes to lipsticks. They're well-priced, come in an enormous range of colours and look amazing on. My personal favourites are the Lasting Finish ones, just because they do have slightly better staying power. The Limited Edition Rose Gold Anniversary lipsticks are out at the moment with three reds and three nudes, if you needed any more motivation to buy!

I wasn't too much of a fan of the original version of this mascara but the Reloaded one is so much better. The brush is really fat and fluffy so it gives loads of volume without looking too overdone. I really like how full it makes my lashes look and it doesn't clump up or flake off. It's one of my current favourite every day mascaras.

What are your favourite budget beauty buys?

Dani XO

Products in this post were provided as PR samples but, as always, my opinions are my own. 

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